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    Website Design, Development & Search Engine Optimization in CT
    Website Design, Development & Search Engine Optimization in CT

Client Name: Pontes Construction Resources, LLC.
Proposal Amount: $750.00

The following proposal details the various website design, development and optimization services that are included.

Responsive Website Design:
All of your web pages will be built within Google Webmaster Guidelines and utilize W3C Standard coding, and will be fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices. Responsive website design is an intuitive feature that resizes and molds your website to mobile devices for a highly functional browsing experience. This means visitors on smart-phones, tablets and other on-the-go devices can view your website without running into display issues that may otherwise turn them away.

On-site Search Engine Optimization:
We will optimize the code and content of your website for the search engines. We utilize the Google Keyword Planner Tool, which provides valuable keyword search term data, such as keyword traffic trend information and related keyword search term suggestions. We utilize a variety of HTML techniques that will allow the keywords phrases within the code and content of your website to stand out and get indexed by the search engines.

We will add fresh keyword-rich content and images to the homepage of your website. The more frequently you update the homepage of your website with new content, the more frequently the search engines will index your website. When search engines index your website, you will have the opportunity to achieve higher rankings based on the new content that is provided.

We will optimize the Meta-Tags (Titles and Descriptions) on each of your pages to improve the search-ability of your site. We will create custom Meta-Tags for each of your pages.

We will create an XML site-map, which will allow Google, Yahoo, and Bing to crawl and index all of the content on each of your website pages more intelligently. This will enhance the search-ability of your website and ensure that the major search engines do not miss any web pages or content as they crawl your website.

Mobile Optimized Website Design:
Your website will be fully optimized for all mobile devices and platforms. Your mobile optimized website will reformat itself for mobile and tablet devices. This means larger navigation buttons, reformatted content, and differently optimized images appear when the user is viewing your website from an iPhone, Tablet, or other mobile device. Not only does this enhance the functionality and user-experience for your website, but Google recently implemented a new algorithm, which promotes websites in mobile search results that are responsive and mobile optimized.

Content Writing Services:
We will create professionally written, keyword-rich article(s) for your website. The articles will contain keyword search term phrases that will be related to the services that your provide, combined with the towns that you would like to receive website visitors from. The content will be optimized for your website visitors, as well as search engine crawlers.

SEO Keyword Research Services:
Our keyword research for SEO works to get your website noticed by Google and generate sales leads for your business, which is precisely where our focus is. Whether it’s a survey of the most popular terms or long tail keyword research, we select keywords based on their probability of attracting attention from local prospective customers.

Google / Bing / Yahoo Places for Business Setup & Management:
We can increase your visibility on Google Maps, Google My Business, Bing Places and local search citation sites. Our local SEO experts can create, manage and improve your local rank. Your business listing will be optimized with photos and content for local search results on both search engines and the maps applications and we literally put your business on the map.

WordPress Integration:
WordPress is a powerful website management tool, which will allow you to add new pages of content and photos to your website, through a very user-friendly content management system. It contains an archive system that will allow each previously posted article to be categorized and easily accessed.

Social Media Setup and Optimization:
Social media is now an important part of SEO and increasing the online exposure for your business. From Facebook and Google+ to Houzz and LinkedIn, we can setup your social media accounts, optimize them by adding photos and content, which will work to engage your potential customers and create new followers.

Logo/Graphic Design:
Whether you’re looking for a new custom logo or promotional graphics for your website, we offer high quality graphic design services.

Stock Photography:
We can provide professional stock photos for your website. We utilize the stock photography service called Shutterstock. If you do not have professional photos to match your services, we can provide them for you.

Google Analytics Setup & Integration:
We will Integrate and verify Google Analytics for traffic analysis for each page of your website. Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about your website’s traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales.